Casting floors coatings

Although concrete is one of the most durable and widely used flooring materials, but concrete flooring often has additional requirements, which does not match if concrete not covered by special coatings. Depending on requirements, concrete floors are covered with epoxy or polyurethane coating. The most common requirements for flooring are: resistance to chemicals, avoiding build-up of antistatic loads, withstanding heavy traffic, and meeting high hygiene requirements.


Our casting floors department provides these services:

  • dust-free surface cleaning (shot blasting);
  • floor surface repairs (cracks, breaks);
  • installation / repair of deformation and temperature seams;
  • installation of epoxy and polyurethane coating;
  • installation of antistatic coating.

Our works are carried out in:

  • transportation infrastructure (bridges and other buildings);
  • power generating objects;
  • petroleum, gas, chemical, food and formations industry;
  • water treatment;
  • parking;
  • public buildings.

Commercial Director Gediminas Švykas, “Švykai“ UAB;
tel.: +370 656 70602


Our projects

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