About us

While working in one of the most popular industrial paint companies in Europe, one of the three brothers noticed that there is no specialised company in Lithuania which provides professional metal protection from corrosion service for industrial and building companies. After some time, three brothers combined their knowledge and experience from different industrial sectors and established company Švykai in 2005 which aimed to provide professional and high-quality metal protection and concrete repair services.
Brothers' business is based on an innovative approach, responsibility, and respect to clients, and soon was appreciated: important and difficult projects regarding metal and concrete protection from corrosion were assigned to Švykai: anti-corrosive repair of Lithuania National Fuel Reserve containers, anti-corrosive protection of the longest pontoon bridge Bergsoysund in Norway, anti-corrosive repair of Lithuania Radio and Television Tower, anti-corrosive repair of railway bridge Hjuksa in Norway. The company was moving forward rapidly and started to provide services not only for clients in Lithuania but also Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, and France. Due to growing range of clients, the range of services also expanded; therefore, today Švykai can offer a full package: from building protection in case of fire, metal anti-corrosion, concrete repair, futering of boilers and furnaces, hazardous waste management, to casting floors coatings, etc.
Švykai corporate group is one of the biggest companies in Lithuania which carries out specialised building and repair of bridges, power plants, boiler rooms and industrial companies.


Our purpose is to protect clients' asset from environmental damage, energy losses and help to prevent accidents in case of a fire.



We aim to become the leaders of integrated services in Northern Europe.



High Quality and Professional

  • We are experts in our field, so we provide professional and high-quality services.
  • We offer verified solutions to our clients.
  • We aim for the best value for our client; therefore, we are proud of long-term partnerships.
  • We create a professional and safe working environment.
  • We are proud of what we do.

Innovative and Effective

  • We aim to create and use innovative solutions which increase efficiency and value for our clients.
  • We aim for effective and clear processes which would ensure smooth communication inside and outside the company.
  • We are constantly improving and moving forward.

Transparent and responsible

  • We work transparently and responsibly.
  • We respect every client, co-worker, supplier, partner, and competitor.
  • Every worker is responsible for the company's reputation and the upholding of values.
  • We care for people, asset, and the environment.
  • We are responsible members of the community.

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