Refractory works

Boilers, ovens, furnaces, and chimneys of various types and power are used in the energy and industry sectors. The environment in combustion chambers and smoke ducts is especially aggressive because the temperature is higher than 1000 °C. Steel becomes soft and starts melting in high temperature; therefore, surfaces of combustion chambers are covered with fire and heat resistant, insulating and chemically resistant materials. We choose the most suitable materials for our clients and perform refractory works.


Our boiler repair department provides these services:

  • Lining with fire bricks;
  • Covering with fire retardant mixtures (spraying).

Our works are carried out in:

  • Power generating objects;
  • Petroleum, gas and chemical industry;
  • Technological ovens in factories;
  • Other industries.

Commercial director Gediminas Švykas, “Švykai“ UAB;
tel.: +370 656 70602


Our projects

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