Hazardous waste management

While operating heat generating installations in industrial and energy sectors, various waste is generated: ash, heat exchanger coatings, and other dangerous waste. If these installations are not cleaned, they become unusable or their efficiency is reduced and the power may be lost. We provide cleaning services for boilers, furnaces, heat exchangers and other devices, collection of hazardous waste and utilisation services. We ensure an effective operation of installations which do not loose their energy.


Our industrial cleaning department provides these services:

  • Heat exchanger cleaning;
  • Boiler and furnace cleaning;
  • Collection and utilisation of hazardous waste;
  • Collection and utilisation of asbestos.

Our works are carried out in:

  • Power generating objects;
  • Petroleum, gas and chemical industry;
  • Factories;
  • Other industries.

Commercial director Gediminas Švykas, “Švykai“ UAB;
tel.: +370 656 70602


Our projects

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