Fire safety project preparation and engineering calculations

Every project starts with calculations. In order to achieve maximum fire protection, it is necessary to prepare a clear project and precise calculations. We consult regarding fire safety, prepare fire protection projects, optimise existing fire protection projects, carry out fire protection parameters and other engineering calculations.


Our fire safety installation and engineering calculations department provides these services:

  • Consultations regarding fire safety;
  • Fire safety project preparation;
  • Optimisation of existing fire safety projects;
  • Performance of calculations of fire safety parameters and other engineering calculations.

Our works are carried out in:

  • Logistic warehouses;
  • Shopping centres;
  • Residential buildings;
  • Industrial buildings;
  • Power and other buildings.

Director Mantas Libonas, “Švykų priešgaisrinės sistemos”, UAB;
tel.: +370 682 69460


Our projects

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