Concrete repair and protection

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials but if exposed to the environment, it starts to wear. The beginning of the corrosion of the reinforcement of reinforced concrete is an especially dangerous process. Depreciation of concrete and reinforced concrete, as well as the occurrence of damaged areas is caused by reinforcement corrosion, structural damage, water penetration, freezing and warming cycles, chemical, physical and mechanical effects, reactive fillers and similar factors. We extend a useful life of concrete and reinforced concrete by carrying out thorough repair and covering constructions with protective covers.


Our concrete repair department provides these services:

  • Hydrophobic impregnation;
  • Protective coating;
  • Grouting of cracks, voids or splits;
  • Reinforcement with stick-on panels and fibres;
  • Spraying of concrete or mortar (spraying);
  • Concrete reconstruction.

Our works are carried out in:

  • Transportation infrastructure (bridges and other buildings);
  • Power generating objects;
  • Petroleum, gas and chemical industry;
  • Atomic energy sector;
  • Water treatment;
  • Food industry;
  • Buildings;
  • Other industries.

Commercial Director Gediminas Švykas, “Švykai“ UAB;
tel.: +370 656 70602


Our projects

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