Anti-corrosive protection

Steel structures are widely used in the fields of industry and construction, engineering systems, and installations. Unprotected steel structures are exposed to the environment and can become corroded, lose their thickness and qualities. Because of this, their useful life is decreasing quickly. Depending on the operating environment, steel can loose up to several millimetres of thickness per year. We protect structures from corrosion by covering anti-corrosive coatings. By this, we protect clients' assets and ensure the quality of steel structures.


Our anti-corrosive protection department provides these services:

Surface preparation: before covering protective coatings it is necessary to prepare the surface appropriately. There are various surface preparation methods, depending on the anti-corrosive protection system and conditions under which works are carried out. Our team can prepare surfaces using these methods:

  • Abrasive blasting;
  • Wet abrasive blasting;
  • Shot blasting;
  • High-pressure water cleaning.

Coating application: there are various metal protection methods from corrosion but protective coating is most commonly used in construction. We can apply coatings using these methods:

  • Anti-corrosive painting:
  • Thermal coating (metallisation).

Our works are carried out in:

  • Transportation infrastructure (bridges and other buildings);
  • Power generating objects;
  • Petroleum, gas and chemical industry;
  • Atomic energy sector;
  • Water treatment;
  • Food industry;
  • Buildings;
  • Other industries.

Commercial Director Gediminas Švykas, “Švykai“ UAB;
tel.: +370 656 70602


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